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Hi! I'm Taryn Schraad.

I’m the president and founder of BAC10 Solutions, a compliance and health information consulting company offering your practice Better, Accurate, and Concise Solutions for your Compliance needs. BAC10 Solutions will help you develop a clear, customized Compliance Work Plan that is scaled to meet the metrics that support business practice improvements and effectiveness in practical methods, and that blends comfortably into your culture.


Outside of my day job, you’ll find me camping in national and state parks and hiking beautiful trails. Similarly, my career began as a medical records clerk, "hiking" my way through health information, revenue integrity, and compliance positions, mitigating risk throughout each role and organization. In each case, I dedicated myself to finding and correcting the root cause of workflow barriers and potential risks, and facilitated best practices.

After more than a decade working in healthcare, linking complicated regulations to practical workflows, I've seen first-hand the time and resources businesses dedicate or fail to commit to compliant practices. I have worked with both large, multi-system organizations and smaller, community providers who are all trying to understand Compliance, assess potential risk and eliminate the vulnerabilities that could impact their bottom line and reputation.


With a solid knowledge base and extensive experience in the trenches of the healthcare environment, I'll make recommendations for a Compliance Plan best suited to your practice and Compliance journey. As your Compliance guide, I’ll help you allocate the attention and commitment to a Compliance Program and Work Plan that merge effortlessly into your everyday operations and staff workflow.

My Credentials

Certified Healthcare Compliance (CHC)

A CHC possesses the knowledge of relevant regulations and compliance processes to assist the healthcare industry organizations in understanding and addressing legal obligations and promoting corporate integrity through effective compliance programs.


Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA)

An RHIA is a critical link between care providers, payers, and patients with comprehensive knowledge of medical, administrative, ethical, and legal requirements and standards related to healthcare delivery and privacy of protected patient information.


Certified Professional Medical Auditor (CPMA)

A CPMA possesses proven knowledge of coding and documentation guidelines to improve the revenue cycle.

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